Environmental Policy

This is available as a downloadable document in PDF format here – BAA Environmental Policy

22.0 The BAA shall endeavour to support the environment by adopting a range of measures that reduce waste, save energy and support environmentally friendly approaches to resources.

These measures will include the following approaches: –

22.1 Saving Paper

  • Print on both sides of the paper

  • Use line spacing of no more than 1.5

  • Lay out your publication with the minimum necessary white space

  • Avoid using varnishes during printing

  • If adhesive binding is necessary, do not use those containing chlorinated organic compounds

  • Adopt e-mail and other electronic media for distribution of minutes and promotional materials and communication with the membership.

22.2 Saving Energy

  • Give preference to equipment with low power stand-by or sleep features.

  • Be mindful and self aware of how much energy is used by officers and reduce consumption to a practical level.

22.3 Purchasing strategy

  • Seek suppliers that are working towards the phase out of non-environmentally friendly practices.

22.4 Transport Strategy

  • Encourage car sharing at events and meetings to reduce CO2 emissions and reduce transport costs.
  • Strategically locate events and meetings to reduce transport costs and fuel consumption

22.5 Resources and Equipment

  • Source equipment from sustainable sources and environmentally friendly materials.
  • Recycle where appropriate such consumables as e.g. paper and printer cartridges

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