Bye Laws and Policies

Bye-laws and Policies of the British Aikido Association

1.0 Forms and conditions of membership
2.0 Withdrawal or refusal of membership and appeal procedure
3.0 Executive Committee and Association Management Structure
4.0 Conflict of Interest policy
5.0 Additional officers of the Association
6.0 Sub-committees and consultants
7.0 General meetings
8.0 Finance
9.0 Procedures for awarding senior grade promotions
10.0 Procedures for awarding junior grade promotions
11.0 Coaching system
12.0 Professional Indemnity (PI) Insurance
13.0 Competition Rules, Judging and Refereeing
14.0 Health and Safety procedures
15.0  National Team
16.0 Anti Doping Policy
17.0 Child Protection Policy
18.0 Equity and Diversity Policy
19.0  Promotions, Representation, Electric Media
20.0 Data protection
21.0  International


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