November 3-4 – BAA Autumn School

Please note the downloadable forms have been amended to reflect the correct times below

BAA Autumn School 2012 programme

BAA Autumn School 2012 Flyer

BAA Autumn School 2012 Application

3rd & 4th November. BAA Autumn School,
Thanet Martial Arts Centre, Zion Place, Margate, Kent CT9 1RP.
10am – 4pm Saturday & National Dan Grading 4:30pm
10am – 4pm Sunday
Lesley Hepden – Koryu Dai Roku
Paul Wildish – Interpreting Satoh Sensei’s basic 17, realising kuzushi.
Vanda Fairchild – Applications for Randori
Paul Bonett – Goshin ho


Thanet Martial Arts Centre


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