National Team

The National Team was formed in 1988, and is the flag ship of the Association, the latest developments in competition are practiced and in turn taken back to the Clubs. To become a squad member takes determination, dedication and skill, to name but a few qualities. Within this there is the National Squad which consists of 12 members and who are the elite of the BAA National Team. Competition to be selected for the National Squad is very high and those selected have proven themselves to be the very best.

In competition the National Team collectively hold the “Best-in-the-world” status. It actively takes part in promoting the BAA and Aikido world-wide.

The Squad has produced the Gladiators final winner in 1992 and also a winner of ITV’s Beat the Star in 2009. Squad members have appeared on “Sky Sports” and on BBC 1 Television.

The National Team are continually seeking ways to raise funds and to promote Aikido. If you are interested in sponsoring the National Team please contact the BAA Chairman (details on the Contact Us page).

If you wish to train with the National Team come along to one of the sessions and join in.


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