Judge and Referee Training Programme

BAA Judge and Referee Training Programme

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The following criteria for recognition of competence for referees and Judges at Junior, Youth and Senior levels are: -

Must be a current full member of the BAA.

Must be CRB checked and hold current PI Insurance

Level 1 Referee


  • Must be 1st Kyu and above.
  • Candidates should receive both junior and senior competition rules for familiarization.
  • All candidates to be eligible for the award must complete Level 1 Referee Course (of 4 hours duration) followed by attendance at one recognised BAA championship where performance will be assessed.
  • Thereafter to maintain the award Level 1 Referees must

Annually referee at a BAA championship (8 hours attendance),


Attend 1 refresher course

  • This will qualify the Level 1 Referee to act as a side/corner or referee at the National Kyu Grade Championships or as a corner referee at the Open and Senior National Championships.


Level 2 Referees


  • Must be a 1st Dan or above
  • Must have completed Level 1 Referee course and held the award actively for at least two years having officiated as referee at least one recognised national championships each year.
  • Must attend 1 course (4 hours duration) and a practical try out at least one National Championship, where performance will be assessed and provisional acceptance granted if satisfactory.
  • Candidates will receive full accreditation after satisfactory attendance at two Senior Championships or European (8 hours registered for each attendance).
  • Award maintained thereafter by attendance at one least national championship per year


Level 3 Referees


Criteria for Level 3 award qualifying the candidate for officiating at international level will be set out after further discussion and consultation. It was agreed to set entry level for this award at 3rd Dan and above.




Enbu/Kata Judges Awards


It was decided to certificate Judges by event categories i.e.:


Category A (3 Hours) Category B (3 Hours)


Ninindori Sequenced Kata (syllabus)

Open Kata Randori no Kata, Tanto Randori no Kata

Koryu dai San/Koryu Goshin no Kata


The award is for both Junior and senior competition formats

  • Attend one national course will be held each year of 6 hours taught in 2 parts.
  • To receive accreditation candidates must attend 1 course plus 1 competition which will be

assessed after which accreditation will be granted if performance is

deemed of satisfactory.

  • Award maintained thereafter by attendance at one least national championship per year


Syllabus Generic

  1. Risk Assessments
  2. Health and safety procedures
  3. Emergency aid procedures
  4. Time keeping, scoring and record keeping
  5. Command and Control
  6. Policies and procedures
  7. Etiquette
  8. Code of conduct
  9. Dress code


Syllabus Randori

  1. Randori rules include side and centre refereeing
  2. Hand and flag signals
  3. Positions and functions of the referee
  4. Rules including prohibited acts
  5. Conducting a contest


Syllabus Embu

  1. Embu rules including objective observation
  2. Positions and functions of a judge including coordination role
  3. Hand and flag signals
  4. Rules (Junior and Senior) and understanding the difference in application
  5. Prohibited acts
  6. Conducting a contest

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