Dudley Osborne

It is with great sadness that the BAA announces the passing of Dudley Osborne 3 Dan, an honoured Fellow of the Association. He died peacefully in Ashford Hospital on the morning of Tuesday 12 May 2015, aged 86.

Dudley and I first joined the BAA 31 January 1975, as members of the newly formed Goshinaikikwai, founded by Basil Stephenson. Together with Ian Dunn and other members, Dudley and I took our first kyu grades (5 kyu) in April of the same year. Bill Lawrence and Lesley Hepden were the examiners. Since that time Dudley has never been off the mat and continued to practise up to a week ago. Already in his forties when he came to aikido Dudley was living proof that Tomiki Aikido can be practised with spirit well into late age and keep pace with the young. Dudley became the leader and father figure of the Goshinaikikwai, guiding the club through many changes of location and membership. Recently the Goshinaikikwai held a commemorative training day to celebrate 40 years of the clubs existence. Old members and new were there to share his pleasure in bringing us all together again to celebrate the club’s 40th anniversary. Gentle, considerate and always welcoming, Dudley personified the true Budo spirit.

Paul Wildish,
BAA Chairman.


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