Training Programmes

The British Aikido Association holds various courses throughout the year which are aimed at offering a broad selection of Aikido styles ranging from Sport Aikido to more traditional styles.

Referee Courses
To ensure all referees, judges, time keepers and scorers are meeting the required standard the BAA holds regular courses for all those wishing to perform the above roles. These courses include: 

  • Score Keeping and Time Keeping Rules
  • Summary of Embu, Randori and Kongo Dantaisen Rules and Standard Judgements
  • Practical Application for Randori and Kongo Dantaisen


Instructors Courses
The BAA will be holds regular Instructor Level Courses (1st Kyu and above). These courses are designed for all BAA Instructors currently holding PI and who have received and wish to qualify to received BAA subsidy in the future. 

These courses offer the opportunity to explore the BAA syllabus, while also demonstrating drills and procedures that can assist instructors to pass the essential elements of the techniques on to their students. The courses though ‘taught’ will offer opportunities for questions and workshop approaches in a supportive environment of peers.

Coaching Courses – Levels 1, 2 & 3
Coaching Synopsis 

What Coaching Awards Are There?

There are three Coaching levels. These are Levels 1, 2 and 3. Additional BAB and scUK courses are also required for CL2 and CL3

New Members

Coach Level 1 course (CL1) coaching award should be taken within the one year from the start of their probationary period.

How to take a Coaching course

The coaching types and requirements are listed above

  • The CL1 course can be taken with an Association or BAB tutor
  • The CL2 and CL3 is taken with a BAB Tutor
  • The CL2 and CL3 units are taken with either a BAB Tutor or scUK
First Aid
It is a duty of care for coaches to ensure that First Aid provision within the dojo is available. Having an individual First Aid qualification does not effect your coaching status. However First Aid must be “Fit for Purpose” that is relevant to the needs of the dojo provider. Due to public Liability the BAB will not be involved in the direct delivery, accreditation or certification of First Aid. All First Aid courses should be HSE Approved and be a certificate of competence and not attendance.
To register for a Coaching Course please download, complete and return the form below to the BAA’s Coaching Development Officer who will contact you when a course is available in your area. 

Paul Holding, 31 Woodland Road, Whitby, Ellesmere Port, South Wirral, Cheshire CH65 6PN

Telephone enquiries: 0151 355 6605
Email: or

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