The British Aikido Association was founded in 1966 in order to promote and maintain the ethical and technical standards of Tomiki Aikido in the United Kingdom.

There are BAA approved Clubs & Dojo in all parts of Britain. On an international basis the BAA is affiliated to the Japan Aikido Association. Under the auspices of the BAA international high grade instructors are brought to Britain at regular intervals to further promote and develop Aikido in this country.

The BAA has a formal grading syllabus and promotion structure. Its gradings are recognised by the JAA and are equal to their standards. The BAA sets qualification requirements for examiners, judges and referees and maintains a register of all such officials and the standards they have attained.

The BAA is a founder member of ETAN (European Tomiki Aikido Network) which is a pan-European organisation for the promotion of Tomiki Aikido.

What does the B.A.A. do?

As the largest association of clubs in the U.K. it represents Tomiki Aikido on:

  • Japan Aikido Association
  • European Tomiki Aikido Network
  • B.A.A. provides approved national coaching qualifications.
  • B.A.A. provides judging and refereeing qualifications for Tomiki Aikido.
  • B.A.A. maintains full grading syllabuses for Tomiki Aikido, self-defense and traditional aikido.
  • B.A.A. organises personal accident insurance for it members.
  • B.A.A. provides professional indemnity insurance for instructors.
  • B.A.A. provides advise and guidance on self defence techniques to other national organisations.
  • B.A.A. runs seminars and courses at local and national levels for all age groups.
  • B.A.A. provides spring, summer and autumn schools.
  • B.A.A. provides an e-magazine for all members.
  • B.A.A. issues British Aikido Board (BAB) licenses on behalf of its members.
  • B.A.A. organises junior and senior competitions.
  • B.A.A. supports an internationally renowned national squad.
  • B.A.A. is engaged in local, national and international competitions.
  • B.A.A. gradings are recognised by the B.A.A. and J.A.A., certification is available both from the UK and Japan.
  • B.A.A. runs a youth award scheme.

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