Founded 1966
World Champions 1995, 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015
The lead body for Sport Aikido in the United Kingdom
BAA Men’s Individual World Champions D Fielding 2003, C Kirkham 2009, J Liburd 2015
BAA Women’s Individual World Champions C Kaur 1997 and L Beardsmore 2011, 2013 and 2015
The BAA is the UK's largest Aikido organisation
BAA Guinness World Record holders : total number of throws in ten hours: 20,018 throws by F Lord and D Fielding 1992
BAA Guinness World Record holders : total number of throws in ten hours: 25,526 throws by F Lord and P Crosby in 1993
BAA Guinness World Record holders : total number of throws in ten hours: 46,261 throws by P Hurley and T Cox in 1998

The British Aikido Association was founded in 1966 in order to promote and maintain the ethical and technical standards of Tomiki Aikido in the United Kingdom. There are BAA approved Clubs & Dojo in all parts of Britain.On an international basis the BAA is affiliated to the Japan Aikido Association. Under the auspices of the BAA, international instructors are brought to Britain at regular intervals to further promote and develop Aikido in this country.

The BAA has a formal grading syllabus and promotion structure. It’s gradings are recognised by the JAA and are equal to their standards. The BAA sets qualification requirements for examiners, judges and referees and maintains a register of all such officials and the standards they have attained.

The BAA is a founder member of ETAN (European Tomiki Aikido Network) which is a pan-European organisation for the promotion of Tomiki Aikido.


  • Winter School North 2016
    November 20, 2015

  • Achievers from Switzerland
    November 20, 2015
    Results for the JAA World Championships in Fiesch, Switzerland
    GB Medal Winners in Switzerland 2015 include
    GOLD – Randori-no-Kata (Chris White, Morgan Murphy)
    SILVER – Randori-no-Kata (Edward Gander and Kate Bolton)
    BRONZE – Randori-no-Kata (Milly Bolton, Ellie Gander)
    GOLD – Women’s Individual Randori (Natuley Smalle)
    BRONZE – Men’s Individual Randori (Scott Pearce)
    SILVER – Men’s Team Randori (Doyin Ogunbiyi, Scott Pearce, Fred Kamara)
  • The Importance of Insurance
    October 7, 2015

    To claim Coach PI Insurance clubs must have members
    The Association offers members a range of insurance for the protection and peace of mind of students and coaches.

    There are two key benefits of membership: first – permanent disability insurance, this provides a range of compensation packages to support members. Second – member to member liability cover provides cover against potential legal action from other members.  

    Accident or loss of earnings insurance is not part of the policy provision but can be sought directly through the insurance provider Endsleigh.The above policies apply to coaches; in addition it is mandatory for all active coaches to hold Professional Indemnity Insurance covering risks related to potential litigation.

    Coaches actively engaged in day-to-day coaching must have Professional Indemnity Insurance. Qualified coaches who may have completed their coach award are not required to hold PI insurance until actual coaching begins.The Association has had two liability actions in the past three years, it is therefore extremely important that active coaches access this cover.

    The PI Insurance is heavily subsidized by the Association on the understanding that students are also covered by insurance through Association membership. This means that a club coach can only access PI insurance whilst coaching at or for a BAA member club.

    As some clubs are accessing PI but have no registered club members the Executive Committee has taken action. From January 2016 the subsidy for PI insurance will be linked to the club’s members registered with the Association in a ratio of 1 to 5. This means that for every five registered members the club can access one PI subsidy for a coach.

    For example, a club with fifteen registered BAA members can have up to three coaches claiming a PI subsidy. So the subsidized coach membership fee with the requisite number of registered members will be £45.00 (£30.00 standard membership fee + £15.00 PI subsidy) and for those without registered members the full cost will be £85.00 (£30.00 standard membership fee + £55.00 for PI cover).

    We know insurance works by spreading the financial risk across a large number of people. The Association’s policy is no different and is based on risk spreading the cost across the whole membership. The lower the number of members the higher the cost. It is therefore in everyone’s interest that all student members are enrolled in the Association.

    Bob Jones

    CEO British Aikido Association

  • Limited Edition SOTR 2015 T-Shirts
    September 10, 2015

    For a short time only, Limited Edition South of the River Seminar 2015 T-Shirts are available to purchase from the BAA Shop.

  • Congratulations to the BAA at the WSAF/SAF World Championships
    August 30, 2015

    Results in for BAA members at the WSAF/SAF World Championships in The Gold Coast, Australia.
    Sent in by BAA Squad Managers (Laura Beardsmore and Paul Carr).

    GOLD - Men’s Individual Randori (Jermaine Liburd)
    GOLD - Men’s Team Randori (David Fielding, Scott Pearce, Paul Carr, Doyin Ogunbiyi, Fred Kamara)
    GOLD - Women’s Team Randori (Laura Beardsmore, Natuley Smalle, Sarah Fletcher)
    GOLD - Women’s Individual Randori (Laura Beardsmore)
    GOLD - Open Kata (David Fielding, Scott Pearce)
    GOLD - Kongo Dan Taisan (David Fielding, Scott Pearce, Doyin Ogunbiyi, Laura Beardsmore, Andrew Rigby, Sarah Fletcher, Fred Kamara)
    SILVER - Dan Grade Junanahon (Doyin Ogunbiyi, Natuley Smalle)
    SILVER - Women’s Individual Randori (Natuley Smalle)

    Congratulations to all participants, very well done indeed.


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