Founded 1966
World Champions 1995, 2003, 2007, 2011 and 2015
The lead body for Sport Aikido in the United Kingdom
BAA Men’s Individual World Champions D Fielding 2003, C Kirkham 2009, J Liburd 2015
BAA Women’s Individual World Champions C Kaur 1997 and L Beardsmore 2011, 2013 and 2015
The BAA is the UK's largest Aikido organisation
BAA Guinness World Record holders : total number of throws in ten hours: 20,018 throws by F Lord and D Fielding 1992
BAA Guinness World Record holders : total number of throws in ten hours: 25,526 throws by F Lord and P Crosby in 1993
BAA Guinness World Record holders : total number of throws in ten hours: 46,261 throws by P Hurley and T Cox in 1998

The British Aikido Association was founded in 1966 in order to promote and maintain the ethical and technical standards of Tomiki Aikido in the United Kingdom. There are BAA approved Clubs & Dojo in all parts of Britain.On an international basis the BAA is affiliated to the Japan Aikido Association. Under the auspices of the BAA, international instructors are brought to Britain at regular intervals to further promote and develop Aikido in this country.

The BAA has a formal grading syllabus and promotion structure. It’s gradings are recognised by the JAA and are equal to their standards. The BAA sets qualification requirements for examiners, judges and referees and maintains a register of all such officials and the standards they have attained.

The BAA is a founder member of ETAN (European Tomiki Aikido Network) which is a pan-European organisation for the promotion of Tomiki Aikido.


  • BAA South of the River
    September 28, 2015

    This weekend saw the 5th Annual BAA South of the River Seminar held at the beautiful SAGA Pavilion in the grounds of the SAGA estate in Sandgate.

    The event is unusual in the BAA calendar as it is run to raise funds for the SAGA Charitable Trust.

    Participants were pleased to receive a visit from a selection of international Aikido dignitaries over the weekends proceedings.

    We had the BAAs own Chairman Paul Wildish and Chief Exec Bob Jones, and of course Ken Broome and Shaun Hoddy who were teaching at the event.

    We received visits from Eddy Wolput from Belgium.  Flying in from Japan, Mr Tetsu Ehara, Head of the JAA International Division watched the weekends proceedings intently.

    We would like to offer our thanks to all participants, to the instructors and to those who helped out with moving tatami etc.  We will be shortly be making a donation of the weekends proceeds to Saga’s Charitable Trust.

    For those who would like a SOTR 2015 T-shirt, they are for a limited time, still available from the BAA on-line shop
    SOTR T-shirt

  • Cresting Wave
    September 12, 2015

    Cresting Wave

    Professor Pete Coia will be running a workshop on Friday 6th of November from 3 pm the day before the Autumn School.
    The subject of the course is - Kuzushi: Bend, turn and twist – new terms for teaching techniques. Especially to juniors and beginners. A very worthwhile course for both instructor s and students with a medical insight.
    Harvey Goodman will be teaching sword prior to his return to the Indian subcontinent and after his tour of Japan. Mat fee £2.
  • Limited Edition SOTR 2015 T-Shirts
    September 10, 2015

    For a short time only, Limited Edition South of the River Seminar 2015 T-Shirts are available to purchase from the BAA Shop.

  • Congratulations to the BAA at the WSAF/SAF World Championships
    August 30, 2015

    Results in for BAA members at the WSAF/SAF World Championships in The Gold Coast, Australia.
    Sent in by BAA Squad Managers (Laura Beardsmore and Paul Carr).

    GOLD - Men’s Individual Randori (Jermaine Liburd)
    GOLD - Men’s Team Randori (David Fielding, Scott Pearce, Paul Carr, Doyin Ogunbiyi, Fred Kamara)
    GOLD - Women’s Team Randori (Laura Beardsmore, Natuley Smalle, Sarah Fletcher)
    GOLD - Women’s Individual Randori (Laura Beardsmore)
    GOLD - Open Kata (David Fielding, Scott Pearce)
    GOLD - Kongo Dan Taisan (David Fielding, Scott Pearce, Doyin Ogunbiyi, Laura Beardsmore, Andrew Rigby, Sarah Fletcher, Fred Kamara)
    SILVER - Dan Grade Junanahon (Doyin Ogunbiyi, Natuley Smalle)
    SILVER - Women’s Individual Randori (Natuley Smalle)

    Congratulations to all participants, very well done indeed.

  • BAA Junior/Youth Development Session
    August 12, 2015

    Event flyer can be Downloaded here in PDF format

    Date/Time: Sunday 4th October 2015

    12 noon to 3 p.m.

    Holt Park Leisure Centre
    Holtdale Approach
    West Yorkshire
    LS16 7RX

    Junior development sessions are an opportunity for juniors/youths
    aged 5-18 years to train on the same mat with a variety of different
    clubs and instructors from around the UK.
    Coach: -Sarah Fletcher 2nd Dan, Lee Mazacs 2nd Dan

    Laura Beardsmore 1st Dan (TBC)
    For more information please contact Sarah Fletcher
    Training Fees: £8


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